70A Greenwich Ave.
New York, NY 10011.
Phone: 212-924-4180
Fax: 212-633-8726
E-mail: copycom@verizon.net
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Welcome to Copy Com Mail Services  

Standard Mailbox Rental
                                                2 months                                       1 year

Personal                                   $60.00  ($30.00/month)                  $288.00  ($24.00/month)

                                                           2 months                                       1 year

Business & Personal                $70.00 ($35.00/month)                 $348.00 ($29.00/month)

Mailbox rates are subject to New York Sales Tax at 8.875%

This is the sample for the address:

Your Name or Business
70A Greenwich Ave # 175
New York, NY 10011.

you can use your mailbox number as suite ,apt ,room ,etc.....

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Once we will receive your complete application by email or fax, it will be reviewed by us during our business hours(in minutes). Then you will receive a confirmation email from us which will include the payment receipt and the address information